Mike Leake

Mike Leake, a Regular Contributor to For The Church, is Lead Pastor at FBC Marionville in Marionville, Missouri. He is currently pursuing his M.Div. at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mike is married to Nikki, and they have two children, Isaiah and Hannah.

Apr 1

8 Practices That Divide by Mike Leake

Division within the body of Christ is ultimately a heart issue. But it’s also, in part, a culture issue.

Oct 17

How To Respond When You Get Punched In The Face by Mike Leake

The depth of our roots in Christ will be exposed by how we respond when we get punched in the face. 

Sep 11

The Gospel Gets the Last Word by Mike Leake

I know that he sees my every failure. He knows my every sin against him. Yet, he stands in my defense.

May 10

The Busy Critic and the Simple Church by Mike Leake

Many churches are pursuing a bit more "simple church." We’ve gotten the memo that activity does not equal godliness.

Apr 26

The Other Side of the Promises of God by Mike Leake

The promises of God are not just promises to visit us with favor and blessings.

Apr 12

How Far Should We Go in Defending Our Gospel-Centered Ministry? by Mike Leake

One mark of a truly gospel-centered pastor is the willingness to be seen as a complete fool, so long as Christ is honored.

Jan 9

Staying Humble When Your Promotion Doesn’t Come by Mike Leake

The truly humble person will take the low position and will not be shocked, dismayed, or depressed if he stays there.

Dec 26

Welcoming God Into the Worship Gathering by Mike Leake

Why in the world would we tell the One who owns the place that He’s welcome there?

Dec 7

You Don’t Even Have A Bucket, Jesus by Mike Leake

Maybe he’s not the fool; maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s my eyesight. Is it possible that I’m conversing with the One who can draw water without a bucket?

Nov 20

When Going Through the Motions is Not Enough by Mike Leake

The devil doesn’t care one bit about preventing us from doing works for the Lord; he cares about preventing belief and trust in our union with Christ.