Mike Ruel

Mike is Pastor of the Highlands Bible Church in Vernon, NJ. He received an MDiv degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and writes at his website, MikeRuel.com. He and his wife, Melanie, have 2 kids. You can follow Mike on Twitter at @RuelBass.

Feb 28

The Circular Mission of the Church by Mike Ruel

Reflecting on my life reminds me that God truly works in mysterious ways. But I'm reminded that God also works in another, more primary way, that is, through the local church. 

Dec 6

Sanctification Through Our Passive Friendships by Mike Ruel

The typical ways we view friendships, discipleship, and sanctification may be overlooking an important way God uses our relationships with others.

Jul 16

Doormat Christians? by Mike Ruel

We think that we are standing up for the truth, but maybe we are just meeting someone’s sin with more sin of our own. 

Jun 20

4 Ways Men are Called to Be Spiritual Leaders by Mike Ruel

We read Ephesians 5:22-26 and there is no avoiding it: God has called men to be spiritual leaders in the home.