Miles Morrison

Miles Morrison is the Director of Student Ministry at Providence Church in Frisco, Texas. A native of North Texas, he is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University. Miles and his wife Emily have a daughter named Avery and a son named Micah. You can follow him on Twitter at @milesgmorrison.

Aug 6

Words of Unnatural Comfort in the Midst of Unrelenting Conflict by Miles Morrison

So according to Jesus things are going to continue to get worse but that shouldn’t be cause for concern for us.

May 20

Why Your Children’s Ministry Should Take a Break by Miles Morrison

I’m not saying that’s wrong or that children’s ministry is bad – I love and serve in the children’s ministry in my church – I’m merely making the observation that while this ministry can and should serve the church, it will never replace it. Regardless of what curriculum or structure or teaching style your children’s ministry uses, here are some reasons why it’s healthy from time to time to take a break and encourage your parents to worship with their children.