Nick Murray

Nick Murray, a Regular Contributor to For The Church, is the associate pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in Birmingham, Alabama, where he lives with his wife Bethany and their son Henry. He is a graduate of Samford University and Beeson Divinity School. You can follow Nick on Twitter at @nicholasbmurray.

Dec 2

The Worst Chapter in the Bible and Your Daily Newsfeed by Nick Murray

And then I look from Judges to my newsfeed, and I see videos of tiny human beings, who have been dismembered, who have been packaged up, sold, and utilized for research. I look to my newsfeed and see the celebration of sexual freedom, that lauds sex without cost or price.

May 14

In the Morning, You Shall See the Glory of the Lord by Nick Murray

Each week, when we move from the text of the Bible to the table of the Lord, we remember our Israelite heritage and the way in which God has yet again set the table for us. And just like Israel, when we gather together to worship the risen Christ, reminding ourselves of the gospel by taking the Lord’s Supper, we shall see the glory of the LORD.

May 8

The Psalms as Prescription for Depression by Nick Murray

When the darkness is heaviest, it is hard to go to the Word. But I believe that those are the times where the Word is the most necessary.