Pat Aldridge

Pat Aldridge is the Community Life Pastor at Redeemer Fellowship in St. Charles, Illinois. He is married to Cheryl and is dad to twin 11 year olds, Katelyn and Thomas. Past has been involved in some sort of ministry since he was 16 and is passionate about discipleship, children’s, youth, and family ministry. He blogs regularly at and

Nov 29

When Community Isn’t Gospel Community by Pat Aldridge

The reality is: transparency within gospel community brings about the best kind of freedom.

Nov 16

The Worst Vacation Ever by Pat Aldridge

While there may be easier ways, we wouldn't have it any other way because we know this God's plan and we trust him.

Oct 8

Community Groups – When? by Pat Aldridge

"When should we have Community Group?" and "When is it time to start new groups?"

Sep 28

Community Groups – How? by Pat Aldridge

This is where life on life discipleship happens, where the truths of Scripture are worked out within the lives of those in attendance.

Sep 28

Community Groups – What? by Pat Aldridge

What should be the goal of community groups?

Sep 4

Community Groups – Why? by Pat Aldridge

“Why is community important and why should believers be involved in community groups?”