Peyton Hill

S. Peyton Hill, a Regular Contributor to For The Church, is the Lead Pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Grove City, Ohio, just outside of downtown Columbus. He is married to Jordan Lee, and they have two daughters, Harper and Elliot, and one son, Zane. Peyton is a Ph.D. Student in Applied Theology at SEBTS.

May 17

Peyton Hill on Christ-Centered Leadership by Peyton Hill

Series: Conversations

What does Christ-centered leadership look like?

Aug 15

Sunday is End-Times Warfare by Peyton Hill

We don’t need a Left Behind novel to tell us where we stand in the context of redemptive history. 

Mar 1

Beauty for Ashes: The Groom and His Bride by Peyton Hill

His perfection becomes hers when he takes her filth with him in death.

Jun 17

Peyton Hill on Christ-centered Leadership by Peyton Hill

FTC.CO asks Peyton Hill, "How does one become a Christ-centered leader?"

May 19

Jesus, the True and Better Joshua by Peyton Hill

Throughout history, God has been at work in and through those He chooses to use greatly. In the book of Joshua, the mighty works God performs are but a shadow of a greater Reality yet to come.

May 4

Celebrating Gospel Change by Peyton Hill

What if CNN or Fox News broke a story with the headline, “ISIS Leaders Becomes a Follower of Jesus and Ends Terrorist Activity”? Would we be shocked? Would we doubt the headline?

Feb 9

Thanking God for Denominational Arguments by Peyton Hill

Boy was I shocked when a classmate ran into a man from his church and told me, “Hey, I want to introduce you to an elder at my church.” Dumbfounded and ignorant I said, “Wait, I thought you were Baptist?!”

Jan 22

One Thing: Peyton Hill by Peyton Hill

Series: One Thing

What is the one thing the next generation of pastors needs to remember?

Dec 2

Preaching the Gospel from the Bread of Ruth 1 by Peyton Hill

The bread of Ruth 1 provides more than a theme in the Bible. It provides one of the keys to unlocking the meaning of the text by showing how Christ fulfills the passage.

Nov 17

A Theology of the Heart from James by Peyton Hill

Unfortunately, on this side of heaven we will continue to have churches filled with quarreling members. In James 4:1, Pastor James asks rhetorically, “And what causes this behavior?” He answers himself, “You quarrel and fight because of what’s in your hearts.”