Phil Wade

Phil Wade is a freelance writer, editor, and backyard gardener, entirely dependent on Christ. He’s a Chattanooga, Tennessee, native and a member of Covenant PCA. He blogs with a friend at In 2015, he will have been married for twenty years and in the middle of raising four daughters.

Jan 12

The Secret to Disciple-Making by Phil Wade

How do you inspire fellow believers to take up the call to make disciples?

Dec 2

Even So, Come, Lord Jesus by Phil Wade

We are held captive until Christ delivers us.

Dec 1

Was Jesus Anxious to Start His Ministry? by Phil Wade

Did our Lord chafe during these pre-ministry years? Did he long to get started preaching the kingdom?

Sep 4

Where Was the Grace for Achan? by Phil Wade

We understand that the One who cut his covenant with the people of Israel is the One who raised our Savior from the dead. He is the unchanging, holy, and eternal God of heaven and earth. So shouldn’t Achan have received some grace?

Aug 20

Christ Holds No Empty Titles by Phil Wade

These titles for Jesus are unimaginably marvelous, and there are more incredible things about him. He charges us to live in his name, as if he is sending himself to the world through us.