Radu Gheorghita

Dr. Radu Gheorghita is a specialist in the New Testament, with additional teaching responsibilities in the Old Testament and Septuagint. He is currently associate professor of biblical studies at Midwestern Seminary. Dr. Gheorghita is a native of Romania and received the Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. His Master of Divinity degree is from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Ill, and his Doctor of Philosophy is from the University of Cambridge, England. Dr. Gheorghita came to Midwestern from Emmanuel Bible Institute in Oradea, Romania. He currently travels to Romania on a regular basis to teach in the master’s program at the University of Bucharest.

Apr 8

The Importance of Memorizing Scripture by Radu Gheorghita

Why memorize the Scriptures? What would be the benefits of this practice that most people would consider obsolete today, in an age in which the digital revolution has all but made it redundant?