Rob Trahan

Rob Trahan a Regular Contributor to For The Church, has a degree in Christian Leadership and is currently looking for ways to put it to use. He is a full-time web designer, Children's Ministry leader, husband, and father of two.

Oct 8

2 Effects of Unity by Rob Trahan

Too many churches still treat church growth as a competition.

Aug 6

The Gospel For Kids by Rob Trahan

Alvin Reid said recently, “If youth can learn trigonometry in high school they can learn theology in church.” How can we expect to grow mature adult disciples without a solid foundation when they are younger?

Jun 10

To The Praise of His Glory by Rob Trahan

When we orient our lives toward God, doing all “to the praise of his glory,” we reap the benefits of all of the spiritual blessings promised to us before the foundation of the world.

Jun 5

Don’t Just Have A Mission, Live Your Mission by Rob Trahan

Your church's vision must become more than just a catchphrase. It should be the embodiment of the way God is driving your church to achieve His mission.

Jun 3

Why Ordination? by Rob Trahan

Since churches looking for pastoral candidates seem to be all the map when it comes to ordination, does it make sense for aspiring ministers to pursue it?

Apr 26

Set Free By Love To Love by Rob Trahan

We don’t follow Christ’s commands because we should or because we will be “blessed” when we do. We follow Christ’s commands because we have a deep and profound admiration and a growing love for Him and we want nothing more than to please Him.