Rustin Umstattd

Dr. Rustin Umstattd is assistant professor of theology at Midwestern Seminary and associate academic dean. Dr. Umstattd’s Master of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy degrees are from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also holds the Master of Business Administration from Georgia Southern University and the Bachelor of Business Administration from Georgia Southwestern University. Dr. Umstattd comes to MBTS having served more than 15 years in student ministry, the last 10 of which were at Matthew Road Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, Texas. He is a highly sought-after conference speaker for youth camps, revivals, and adult education ministries.

Aug 22

Intervention: What the Church Can Learn About Discipline from a TV Show by Rustin Umstattd

One difficulty in our churches in regards to discipline is that we often don’t have this type of authentic community with each other.

Sep 19

You Can Trust the Bible This I Know, for Jesus Told Us So by Rustin Umstattd

 We don’t have to base our faith on our emotions, a desire for it to be true, or any other subjective experience. The Word of God is completely trustworthy – Jesus says so himself.

Sep 4

The Fan Club? by Rustin Umstattd

Jay became concerned about his new group. As he would begin to discuss the Harry Potter storyline he noticed that many of the people in the club had not read all the novels.

Mar 30

Ecce Homo: Behold the Man by Rustin Umstattd

We have been racing from God, and yet in Christ, we find ourselves racing home.