Ryan Higginbottom

Ryan Higginbottom is Associate Professor and Chair of the Mathematics Department at Washington & Jefferson College. He has been married for 13 years to Leanne, and they have two awesome daughters. Ryan and Leanne are members of Washington Presbyterian Church in Washington, Pennsylvania.

Jul 1

VBS Is Worth The Cost by Ryan Higginbottom

We trust God to use his word as he sends it forth, and we pray for fruit.

Apr 29

Ask Good Questions on Sunday Morning by Ryan Higginbottom

Pray that the Holy Spirit would prompt others to take a risk and answer your inquiries honestly, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Jun 22

Gather with All Ages by Ryan Higginbottom

Meeting with Christians of all ages is not a cure-all, and there is undeniable value in relationships with people of similar age and experience. But we must not despise the wisdom, experience, and friendship of all the people God places around us.

Jan 15

The Struggle With Small Group Prayer by Ryan Higginbottom

When it comes to prayer requests in your group, you have to admit—you were hoping for more.