Sam Parkison

Samuel G. Parkison is the author of Revelation and Response: The Why and How of Leading Corporate Worship through Song. He is also a Regular Contributor to For The Church and is a PhD student at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Samuel lives in Kansas City with his wife (Shannon) and their three sons (Jonah, Henry, and Lewis), where Samuel serves as a Pastor of Teaching and Liturgy at Emmaus Church. Sam blogs regularly at

Feb 25

Spirits in Bondage: A Book Review by Sam Parkison

Series: Book Reviews

In this little collection of poems, we have the privilege of getting to know Lewis better. It is, in its way, a magnificent display of God’s saving grace.

Feb 23

FTC Preaching Guide: 2 Corinthians by Sam Parkison

2 Corinthians is inspired by God, and preaching “the whole counsel of God” looks like preaching this book.

Dec 29

The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self: A Book Review by Sam Parkison

Series: Book Reviews

This is not an apologetic work, nor is it a polemic, nor is it even a strategy for Christians in this age. It is rather an explanation.

Oct 27

How the Psalms Teach Us to Complain by Sam Parkison

The trials that occasion our complaint before God will be most beneficial to our own souls if they propel us Godward.

Aug 12

Please Come Back to Church, Pt. 2 – An Open Letter to Christians by Sam Parkison

You who are tempted to stay home out of convenience, I urge you to repent and come back to church.

Aug 5

Please Come Back to Church, Pt. 1 – An Open Letter to Pastors by Sam Parkison

Your services may not feel meaningful. But regardless of what they feel like, they are.

Apr 9

A Strong Conscience or Immaturity? by Sam Parkison

What does it look like for thoughts about entertainment to be taken captive to obey Christ?

Mar 9

The Ten Commandments: A Book Review by Sam Parkison

Series: Book Reviews

There is no chapter in this book that does not look to Christ as the ultimate fulfillment of the Ten Commandments. 

Feb 4

Should I Use My Trans Neighbor’s Preferred Pronoun? by Sam Parkison

Central to our gospel presentation is the solution to the problem of sin, and if this sin is central to our hearer’s identity, we haven’t actually presented the gospel until we’ve brought it to bear rigt there.

Jan 3

Who is the Holy Spirit?: A Book Review by Sam Parkison

Series: Book Reviews

Yarnell is able to paint a picture of the Holy Spirit with many shades and hues, with colors drawn from a spectrum of biblical genres located at various points within redemptive history.