Samuel Stephens

Dr. Samuel Stephens has served in churches and para-church ministries relating to counseling and discipleship ministries. He currently serves on staff with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and as an adjunct professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Sam and his family reside in Kansas City, Missouri.  

Jun 10

The Danger of Roadblocks along the Avenue of Grace by Samuel Stephens

The ministry of reconciliation continually provides a clear, unobstructed avenue to grace to all of those who need to hear the gospel, which includes all of us!

Aug 4

Pursuing Peace by Samuel Stephens

While Jesus did spend much of His time binding the wounds of the broken, healing the sick, and even raising the dead, his ultimate concern was for the souls of men.

Jan 22

Soul Builders by Samuel Stephens

We can agree that soul winning is not only prescribed in Scripture, but it is the responsibility, duty, and privilege of every one of God’s children. But doesn't Christ’s command in the Great Commission call for more?

Dec 1

A Discipleship Inventory by Samuel Stephens

Through Christ’s teachings on discipleship, I guide my counselees in taking a personal inventory of their current ways of thinking and living so they can discern where their thinking has gone wrong and how their heart has become hardened to biblical truth.