Scott Sauls

Scott Sauls is the Senior Pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee and the author of the books Jesus Outside the Lines and From Weakness to Strength. He blogs regularly from his website at Scott lives with his wife Patti and two daughters, Abby and Ellie, in Nashville.

Dec 2

The Healthiest Ordering of Our Loves by Scott Sauls

When the love of Jesus captivates us, our hearts will naturally, and quite effortlessly, love him first and to love him most.

Sep 14

The True Meaning of Success by Scott Sauls

We simply cannot manufacture character in ourselves, no matter how hard we try. Love is not a to-do-list.

Sep 2

The Dignity of Every Kind of Work by Scott Sauls

Any kind of work that leaves people, places, or things in better shape than before…is work that should be celebrated as good.

Aug 19

Shedding Our Chameleon Skin by Scott Sauls

Because God has declared us to be blameless in his sight through the finished work of Jesus, we truly have nothing left to prove.

Jul 22

How Healthy Doctrine Makes A Healthier You by Scott Sauls

What if we really believed that being loved was our starting point with God, before we do anything good or bad?

Jul 6

When Work Gets Wearisome by Scott Sauls

If Jesus, who will one day resolve every groan in his good creation, was subject to the groan, shouldn’t we expect to be also?

Jun 15

When It Seems Your Life Is Going Nowhere by Scott Sauls

If only we knew now what we will one day know about our own work and how it fits into God’s overall plan to save and heal the world.

May 20

Leaders and Loneliness by Scott Sauls

I know that many pastors say it’s impossible to let your guard down with the members of your church. 

May 11

Critique Gently, Encourage Fiercely by Scott Sauls

We aren’t lonely because something is wrong with us. We are lonely because something is right with us.

Apr 8

Facing My Own Restlessness by Scott Sauls

God is my refuge on one hand, and the darkness is my companion on the other.