Sean Post

Sean Post leads Adelphia - a one year discipleship college for young adults in Maple Valley, WA. He is in the final phase of his DMin in Missional Leadership from Multnomah University and has written two books: One Year - Millenials, Short-Term Communities, and a Coherent Christianity and most recently, The Stories We Live: Discovering the True and Better Way of Jesus.  Sean is a husband to Melissa and a father to two boys, James and Emmitt.

Jul 31

Story Wars by Sean Post

From the moment Tristan first stepped into my car on the way to the coffee shop, he seemed burdened. We ordered drinks, sat down, and the whole situation came pouring out. He was confused about why he continued to look at pornography even though he didn’t want to. Together, we began to unpack the broken story he was trusting in.

Jul 7

Life As a House by Sean Post

With each young man still wearing a smile of pride and accomplishment, I poured lighter fluid on each project and lit them aflame.