Skylar Spradlin

Skylar Spradlin is the Lead Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Weatherford, OK. He is currently earning an M.Div. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is married to Jamie and they have been blessed with two daughters, Emberly and Adalynn. He is Co-Host of the podcast Doctrine and Doxology. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @skylarspradlin.

Nov 10

Thoughts on Longevity by Skylar Spradlin

If we have conditioned our minds to think in the short-term only, we will find that most of ministry is not only unsatisfying, but deeply unsettling. We will find that we view ministry in the short-term as well.

Oct 19

How Luther Helped My Depression by Skylar Spradlin

I made it through that summer by reading the Psalms and dwelling on faith. It wasn’t my perfection or my knowledge that would please God. It wasn’t my works or my contributions that would earn God’s approval. It was only my faith.

Oct 5

Navigating the Preaching Rut by Skylar Spradlin

When I was growing up it was always a treat to be taken to the farm with my dad. I was less than helpful, but he graciously let me tag along and explore. It was on that old family farm that I first learned how to drive. My dad, often courageously, let me out into […]

Sep 23

Principles for Giving and Receiving Encouragement to the Preacher by Skylar Spradlin

How much do you think your preaching influences your people? We know the biblical answer. Preaching is God’s ordained means of communicating the truths of scripture and the gospel to His people and the world. But on a personal level, how much do you think your preaching is influential? Most pastors will never stand before […]

Sep 25

Unforeseen Benefits of Expository Preaching by Skylar Spradlin

We are a people who want to walk through and consider every verse of Scripture.

Sep 17

God Delights in the Gospel by Skylar Spradlin

The proof of God’s delight in saving sinners is the investment of His Son on the cross for our redemption even when we had nothing to offer Him.

Aug 8

For The Love Of The Church by Skylar Spradlin

Sacrifice is the first act of true love for the church because this is how Christ loved the church.

May 16

What Church Discipline Taught Me About Our Church by Skylar Spradlin

We needed to hold up the honor of Christ and the standard of repentant holiness while also showing love and patience to the wayward members.