Taylor DiRoberto

Taylor DiRoberto serves as Assistant Dean, Director of Accelerate, and Assistant Professor of Christian Studies at Spurgeon College in Kansas City, MO. As a local church pastor, he has served as an Associate Pastor, Lead Church Planter, and Elder. He currently serves as one of the elders at Northside Fellowship in Kansas City, MO. Taylor is happily married to Sara, and they have two daughters.

Jul 26

What is the Penal Substitutionary Atonement? by Taylor DiRoberto

Series: Theology in the Everyday

Editor’s Note: The Theology in the Everyday series seeks to introduce and explain theological concepts in 500 words or less, with a 200-word section helping explain the doctrine to kids. At For The Church, we believe that theology should not be designated to the academy alone but lived out by faith in everyday life. We […]

Sep 10

Why You Should Actually Go to Seminary by Taylor DiRoberto

Moving to campus and immersing yourself in a holistic experience shows you are serious about your training and that you have set apart this season for something special.

Jun 11

Love Your Refugee Neighbor by Taylor DiRoberto

A Story The water tastes different in Oak Ridge. The sounds outside are harsh. Shouting matches and profanities are common. These are daily realities in urban, government-subsidized housing developments like Oak Ridge. On most nights, however, a different tune resounds amid the discord. Two men, with large chests and thick mustaches, cheerfully discuss the latest […]