Tim Counts

Tim Counts (M.Div, The Master's Seminary) is the Pastor at Northshire Baptist Church in Manchester Center, Vermont. Tim has been a pastor in New Mexico, Washington state, and Vermont. He loves preaching the gospel to both believers (including himself) and unbelievers, and dreaming of ways to reach his community with the good news of Jesus Christ. Tim blogs at HeMustBecomeGreater.com and enjoys ethnic food and real Vermont maple syrup (but not together), and spending time with his wonderful wife of 19 years and 3 children. You can follow Tim on Twitter at @timothycounts.

Sep 21

The Secret to Loving Your Wife Better: Love Jesus Better by Tim Counts

I recently heard somebody say that one of the ways to endure well in ministry is to realize that ministry is not about you, it’s all about Jesus. The same is true of marriage. When you embrace that marriage is about Jesus first, and you and your wife second, one of the secrets of a […]

Apr 13

To My Friends Who Are No Longer Friends With Jesus by Tim Counts

To my friends who are no longer friends with Jesus: I want you to know that if I am aware of you walking away from Jesus, I have prayed for you and even cried for you. A couple of years ago I was reading The Last Battle from C.S. Lewis’s “The Chronicles of Narnia” to […]

Jul 1

5 Reasons I Love Being a Pastor by Tim Counts

I know that God is always doing a million things and that we are usually only aware of a few of them, but as a pastor, I literally get to see God’s invisible hand working out his plan for his glory and his people’s good every week.

May 4

The Voice That Raises the Dead by Tim Counts

The first words that your resurrected ears will hear are Jesus saying to you something like, arise–come out of that grave!

Oct 7

Autumn and the Beauty of Death for the Christian by Tim Counts

Series: Beholding and Becoming

Death for the Christian is beautiful because it brings us to the place we were made for.

Jul 2

Brothers, Preach Your Heart Out — No Matter How Few People Are in the Room by Tim Counts

The value of preaching is in Christ himself. His supremacy over all things makes all preaching valuable, whether it’s to 30 or 3,000 people.

Mar 9

Love Your Wife Like Jesus Loves Her by Tim Counts

Know that when you love your wife like Jesus loves her, the foundation of your marriage is strengthened, Satan is defeated again, and Christ is lifted up for more to see.

Feb 13

Three Ways a Pastor and His Wife Can Stay in Love by Tim Counts

When I am closer to Jesus, I am closer to my wife. I mean truly closer to Jesus, in my heart, not just thinking I am closer because I am doing the right things.

Sep 11

Father, Help Us to See by Tim Counts

Father, help us to see that you are at work through us for the advance of the gospel. 

May 21

Do You Love the Word �Propitiation�? by Tim Counts

When we come across big, "technical" words in our preaching and Bible study, we should use, study, and explain those words, rather than skirting around them or simply glossing over them with an alternative phrase.