Tish Hedger

Tish is a counselor at Emmaus Counseling in Kansas City. She is married to Joshua Hedger, pastor of Emmaus Church in Kansas City. Together, they have a 2 year old son named Asa and an adopted 17 year old daughter named Trisha. Tish writes for FTC, Flourish, and Emmaus as well as speaks at women's conferences and retreats. You can follow Tish on Twitter at @tishhedger.  

Jan 17

The Danger of Entertaining Lies by Tish Hedger

It would be convenient if Satan would show up as a talking snake. Then, we could run away screaming or call animal control. Instead, he comes to us as an agent of reason.

Nov 30

Christmas for the Weary by Tish Hedger

As I passed by each store, I saw white teeth smiling at me in frozen cheer from every window advertisement and I felt tired. I felt like I didn’t have it in me.

Nov 22

Battling Discouragement by Tish Hedger

Do not allow discouragement to cause you to question your identity.

Oct 31

Redemption in the Mourning by Tish Hedger

Mothering is not about fulfilling my dreams or satisfying any craving in my heart. It is about offering my heart to be wrung out on behalf of His redemptive plan, for his glory.

Feb 29

5 Prayers to Pray For Your Husband by Tish Hedger

The best help for your husband is prayer. Here are 5 ways to pray for him . . .

Feb 5

The Story of Us by Tish Hedger

We must fight the treasonous compass of our flesh that can forget and believe there is wisdom wiser than God.

Dec 11

Confrontation, Speaking the Truth in Love, and Unity by Tish Hedger

The enemy delights in hijacking relational complications for his purpose of disunity.

Oct 30

Help! I’m Not Attracted To My Spouse by Tish Hedger

A friend recently asked me what you do when you are not attracted to your husband. This is an excellent question for both men and women. What do you do if you are not attracted to your spouse?

Oct 8

Beyond Survival by Tish Hedger

I did not know I was depressed until I got married . . .

Aug 20

Born This Way by Tish Hedger

In all the chubby glory of his toothless grin and dimpled cheeks, he desperately needs Jesus to save him. If not, those beautiful feet can only run him away from God.