Travis Montgomery

Travis and his wife Lauren live in Kansas City, MO and belong to Northside Fellowship, where Travis is one of the pastors. Travis serves Midwestern Seminary's church partners by managing church-based education programs like For the Church Institute and the Timothy Track MDiv Residency. Travis teaches theology and ministry classes for MBTS, where he is pursuing a PhD in Biblical Theology. When they aren't at work, home, or church, Travis and Lauren enjoy walking their two tiny dogs or visiting KC's many great coffee shops and taquerias.

Mar 23

FTC Preaching Guide: 1 Peter by Travis Montgomery

If you want your people to joyfully submit to God and serve those around them with humility, resisting sin and clinging to Christ, encouraged toward endurance all the way to their earthly end, consider preaching or teaching 1 Peter.

May 24

Becoming a Grateful Discipler by Travis Montgomery

A godly motivation to disciple others is your gratitude for God’s work for, in, and through them.

May 6

Line, Please: Why I Read the Psalms Aloud by Travis Montgomery

We need a script, a revelatory rehearsal for the crushing inevitability of life and death. 

Oct 26

Weak Pastors Need a Strong Gospel by Travis Montgomery

What does it mean to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? It is to behold the eternal, miraculous, courageous cross of Christ and, with unveiled face, be transformed.

Sep 7

Pastor, Be a Gospel Signpost by Travis Montgomery

If a pastor, as a signpost, points to the revealed theological realities of God, he must point supremely to the heart of that revelation: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

May 26

The Abundance of Christ by Travis Montgomery

The barren land of human brokenness, which has only ever yielded enough fruit for us to fight over, has been trumped completely by the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, the True Vine.

Apr 4

Soli Deo Gloria by Travis Montgomery

For all His love for humanity, God did not ultimately preserve a nation for the sake of sheer benevolence. He did so for His glory.