Tyler Greene

Tyler Greene serves as Pastor for Preaching and Leadership at Emmaus Church in Kansas City, MO. He resides in North Kansas City with his wife Erin and their three children. 

Mar 20

Pastoring is Tortoise Work: A Lesson for the Young and Aspiring by Tyler Greene

Talking with a fellow pastor I know and trust, I recently asked a question. “What’s one quality you believe is indispensable for an effective pastor?” After a moment’s thought, the answer came: patience. If you aspire to pastoral ministry, you likely envision yourself preaching the Word and rightly administering the sacraments. Perhaps you also envision […]

Jan 16

Why the World Needs Augustinian Friendships by Tyler Greene

When you think of Augustine, you may picture a withdrawn theologian in a darkish study—deep in thought, putting pen to parchment, face bathed in dancing candlelight. Perhaps such a picture is not entirely unwarranted. It can be argued that no theologian has impacted Christianity more than the good bishop of Hippo. This no doubt required […]

Sep 13

God Has Destined Us for Sonship Not Employment by Tyler Greene

God’s predestining love has guaranteed that seat for us now and forever.

Jun 9

Deconstruction Stories Challenge Us to Construct Firm Churches by Tyler Greene

Our aim should be to construct firm churches by stewarding God-ordained methods of ministry to the best of our ability

Feb 15

Don’t Run to the Hills! by Tyler Greene

God’s Word cuts through the noise and counters the world’s phony sales pitches with His unbreakable promises.

Jun 9

God Still Shows Up in The Nazareths of This World by Tyler Greene

Jesus the Messiah brings the glory of heaven down to earth so that people—even people in the lowliest and most mundane places—may have direct access to God's presence.

Feb 2

3 Words of Counsel I’ve Received from Seasoned Leaders by Tyler Greene

A leader who holds fast to the true source of life is utterly free to love others well.

Nov 7

Your Unfulfilled Desires are a Treasury, Not a Tragedy by Tyler Greene

The Bible reveals that while we are fixated on what we don’t have, God’s focus is on what we are becoming for the sake of His purpose.

Aug 27

Is Your Calling Causing an Identity Crisis? by Tyler Greene

If all else were stripped away—your career, your earthly relationships, your plans—your identity as a beloved child of God would still remain.

Jun 17

You Need to Be Inconvenienced for Your Church by Tyler Greene

God is calling us to make adjustments in the areas of our lives that are hindering us from costly participation in the mission of the church.