Wendy Alsup

Wendy Alsup is a Bible teacher and author. She blogs at Practical Theology For Women.

Feb 8

Preaching Hard Stories by Wendy Alsup

God spoke into these situations with temporary protections that pointed to the Savior coming who will correct all injustice.

Nov 12

Jesus Fell Asleep by Wendy Alsup

For centuries, earnest Christians faithfully following Jesus have experienced a God who seems asleep at times, sometimes for long seasons in their lives. In the disciples' case in Luke 8, He literally was asleep. In my life, it has seemed He slept as I needed direction. Sometimes, He felt asleep as I needed deliverance from a trial. But as time goes on and I can look back, I recognize that He really seemed asleep because He was at complete peace in how He was moving in my life.