Wesley Lassiter

Wesley Lassiter is the youth minister at Meansville Baptist Church and is currently working on his B.A. in Biblical Studies at Midwestern College online.  You can follow Wesley on Twitter at @allthroughHIM.

Nov 20

God’s Presence Rooted in Redemption by Wesley Lassiter

While we may not feel the impact of silence for generations and to one day hear the news of the Messiah being born, we do have the promise of Jesus’ presence.

Dec 20

The Only Way to Truly Rest by Wesley Lassiter

The God who finished creating the world for his people is the same God who finishes the work of redemption for them.​

Feb 27

Hide, Replenish, and Go by Wesley Lassiter

Scripture is not about you; it is about Jesus. Scripture is, however, for you through the work of Jesus.