Zach Crook

Zach Crook has been serving in ministry for over a decade and has been serving as the Pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Weatherford, Texas, since January of 2013. Zach graduated from Wayland Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2006 and he holds two master's degrees: a Master of Christian Ministry from WBU and a Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been published in the Baptist Press, Southern Baptist Texan, Baptist Standard, Baptist New Mexican, and Weatherford Democrat. Zach is married to Jill, and they have two children—Isaiah and Caleb. You can follow him on Twitter at @zach_crook.

Apr 15

The Lure of The Wild by Zach Crook

Why would a college graduate give up his $25,000 in savings, abandon his car, and change his name to “Alex Supertramp?”

Dec 23

The One Word That Defines Our Parenting by Zach Crook

I can still remember the first time my oldest son asked for it.  He’d callously knocked down his one-year-old brother in pursuit of a toy.  I was coming down the hall, ready to dole out some parental justice. But his four word exclamation stopped me in my tracks. 

Oct 18

Sensitivity in the Midst of Sensationalism by Zach Crook

While it is tempting to try to join into the current media trend of “whoever yells the loudest must be right,” there might just be a better way