Resource Library

Jan 14

Don Whitney on Misconceptions about Spiritual Disciplines by Don Whitney

In this video, we asked Don Whitney, “What are some misconceptions people have about the spiritual disciplines?” 

Jan 7

Patrick Schreiner on How an Understanding of the Gospel of the “Kingdom” Influences Christian Ministry by Patrick Schreiner

We asked Patrick Schreiner, associate professor of New Testament and Biblcial Theology at Midwestern Seminary, “How does understanding the gospel of the “Kingdom” influence Christian ministry today?”

Dec 31

Jani Ortlund on Serving the Church as a Pastor’s Wife by Jani Ortlund

In this video, we asked Jani Ortlund, “Should pastors’ wives feel a burden to serve the church in a unique way?” 

Dec 3

Geoff Chang on Spurgeon and 9Marks by Geoff Chang

In this video, we asked Geoff Chang, curator of the Spurgeon Library and assistant of Historical Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, whether Spurgeon would have adhered to the 9Marks of a healthy church. 

Nov 26

Jonathan Leeman on Exhaustion with Division and Discourse in Today’s Evangelicalism by Jonathan Leeman

In this video, we asked Jonathan Leeman what advice he would give to Christians who feel exhausted by the division and discourse in today’s Evangelicalism. 

Nov 19

Christine Hoover on What the Average Churchgoer Doesn’t Understand About Their Pastor by Christine Hoover

In this video, we asked Christine Hoover, pastor’s wife and author of Searching for Spring and Messy Beautiful Friendship, what the average churchgoer might not understand about their pastor. 

Nov 12

Andrew King on the Biblical Languages by Andrew King

In this video, we asked Andrew King, Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Spurgeon College, how the biblical languages can help pastors in local church ministry. 

Nov 3

Episode 142: FTC Mailbag by Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

This is another installment of the Mailbag feature of the FTC Podcast, where Jared and Ronni answer listener-submitted questions. On this episode, they cover how to speak the truth in love, how to respond when leadership overlooks a pastor’s moral failure, the best mistakes they ever made in ministry, short term mission trips, latest fiction […]