May 25

The Why Behind ‘Unparalleled’ by Staff

FTC managing editor Jared C. Wilson shares the vision behind his new book Unparalleled: How Christianity's Uniqueness Makes it Compelling

Oct 20

The Prodigal Church by Staff

In his new book The Prodigal Church, FTC Managing Editor Jared C. Wilson presents "a gentle manifesto against the status quo," urging the church to rethink some of its more recent traditions and re-center on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jun 1

A Personal Invitation to FTC at SBC by Staff

Midwestern Seminary President Jason K. Allen gives a brief overview of the upcoming FTC at SBC regional conference event. Register today.

May 28

Jason Allen on The FTC Regional Conference by Staff

Why Am I Committed to Expository Preaching?

May 27

Matt Carter on The FTC Regional Conference by Staff

How To Pastor in a Sex-Saturated Culture

May 20

For The Church Regional Conference: Matt Carter and Jared Wilson by Charles Smith

Matt Carter, Jared Wilson, and Charles Smith share some info on the upcoming For The Church conference luncheon at The 2015 Southern Baptist Convention.