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Dec 31

Spurgeon’s Top 4 New Year’s Resolutions by Brandon Freeman

Charles Spurgeon preached at least 14 sermons about the New Year in his 38 years at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Though many themes arise in his comments, belief is as pervasive as any.

Dec 31

Putting Numbers In Their Place by Adam Kareus

When the over-emphasis of numbers starts to creep in I have to run to the Word of God.

Dec 31

Links For The Church (12/31) by Staff

This week's links include resources on everyday work, skipping resolutions, welcoming those with eating disorders, and when our waiting will be over. 

Dec 28

A Destructive Daily Problem by Rush Witt

Immeasurable hope and help await you as you learn to kill the diehard sins that plague you.

Dec 28

Don Whitney on Praying the Scriptures by Staff

Series: Conversations

How do I prevent praying the Scriptures from feeling formulaic?

Dec 27

The Primacy of the Master of Divinity Degree by Jason K. Allen

Ministry is increasingly complex. We live in a zany world. The culture is imploding, ethical quandaries abound, our church members need, and will need, more from their ministers, not less.

Dec 27

The Goal and Purpose of Ministry Within the Local Church by Casey Lewis

It’s a tall order, but our job as the church is to help one another become like Christ in our thoughts, actions, and knowledge.‚Äč

Dec 26

The Gospel and My Grandpa by Logan Bennett

To my grandpa, the gospel was the good news of rest. 

Dec 26

Giving Up Our Rights by Kole Farney

Are you slavishly protecting your Christian freedom to do everything that pleases you? 

Dec 24

Immanuel by Adam McClendon

We are in real danger of allowing the disappointments of life to discolor our understanding of God.