Links For The Church (12/31)

by Staff December 31, 2018

More Than Piety: Everyday Work And The Holy Spirit

"The consummation theme gives us a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit’s work in God’s cosmic plan as God brings forth the completion of his reconciliation and restoration project." – TediAnne Hasapopoulos

Skip Resolutions in 2019—Make a Rule of Life

Resolutions may not be working for you. If they aren't, then Jeremy Linneman's post might be for you. He shares how he structures the rhythms of his life, and how we might benefit from planning something similar. 

Welcoming the Eating Disorder Community to Your Table (Part I | Part II)

Holly Stallcup writes on how to be hospitable to those who have eating disorders in our churches. She shares practical and spiritual wisdom that helps the reader understand how to better love their neighbor. 

When Our Waiting Will Be Over

New Year's Eve is a good time to look forward and have hope for what may come. Jon Bloom shares the wonderful truth that our vision should not just be set on 2019, but on the hope of the home we will find with God in heaven one day.