Links For The Church (10/21)

by Staff October 21, 2019

An Underrated Key for a Fruitful Christian Life: A Rooted Life in a Place

Jeremy Linneman writes about the process and benefits of rooting yourself in a place where you call home.

Seven Ways to Be a Better Servant Leader for Your Church

True leadership begins and ends with serving. Sam Rainer shares ways to pursue being a servant leader including apologizing, giving sacrificially, and other helpful encouragements.

Andrew Peterson On Why The Church Should Foster Creativity In Every Christian

In this interview about Andrew Peterson's upcoming book, he shares about cultivating creative gifts in the context of Christian community, and why the church should be invested in this work. 

How to Find Yourself in the Psalms

Paul Tripp shares one of his poems and explains the power of the psalms for honest meditation.

Reaching the Nations through the College Campus

"The American church has such an amazing opportunity to have a global impact for the kingdom of God by sharing the gospel with international students" - Elissa Wright