Blog Entries

Jul 14

Missionaries Need to Know What a Church Is: A Lesson from Adoniram Judson by Geoff Chang

The goal of missions is not merely individual conversions. Rather, it’s to see indigenous, gospel-preaching churches planted.

Jul 13

Links For The Church (7/13) by Staff

This week’s links include resources on hoarding hope, parenting as mission, homebound church members, unworthiness, and preaching the Psalms to ourselves.

Jul 10

Stop Comparing Yourself to Well-Known Pastors by David Prince

You may not have the gifting of historic pulpit legends past and present, but you do have the same Word of God

Jul 9

10 Flavors of Works-Based Salvation by Ed Moore

Our sinful prides says that, with God’s help, we have what it takes to get there.

Jul 8

From Fear to Trust by Kole Farney

All that we have belongs to God and as a stewardship we are given differing portions of talents, money and possessions to serve Him with.

Jul 8

A Habit You Didn’t Know You Needed by Katie McCoy

What routines can be redeemed with a mindset that’s focused on tuning into God’s voice?

Jul 7

The Well-Trained Theologian: Essential Texts for Retrieving Classical Christian Theology by Matthew Barrett

If lasting renewal is to take place, there must be a return to classical Christian texts. Dare I say, even a retrieval. Without retrieval, there will not be renewal.

Jul 6

When Work Gets Wearisome by Scott Sauls

If Jesus, who will one day resolve every groan in his good creation, was subject to the groan, shouldn’t we expect to be also?

Jul 6

Links For The Church (7/6) by Staff

This week’s links deal with distraction, dreams and visions, thinking slowly, and five heresies that made the modern world.

Jul 2

Brothers, Preach Your Heart Out — No Matter How Few People Are in the Room by Tim Counts

The value of preaching is in Christ himself. His supremacy over all things makes all preaching valuable, whether it’s to 30 or 3,000 people.