Blog Entries

Sep 21

Becoming an Old Soul Christian by Jared C. Wilson

Life is not about being in control or asserting your ambitions. It’s about knowing the One who made you. Because, at the end, nobody can go with you into the end but him.

Sep 21

The Siblinghood of the Saints by Allyson Todd

We do not exist to be used by one another but rather loved by one another.

Sep 21

Links For The Church (9/21) by Staff

This week’s links include resources on the unseen, contentment, holiness, teachable church planters, God’s love and wounds, and running a meeting.

Sep 18

Hope Deferred & The Pastor-In-Waiting by Dave Harvey

A potential pastor stands vulnerable, and he needs to know he is not alone.

Sep 16

God Is Not Silent About Rape by Katie McCoy

The severity of sexual assault in God’s Law compels us to hear, protect, and defend the dignity of every woman, especially the one who breaks her silence about rape.

Sep 15

What The Puritans Taught This Builder About Ministry by T.J. Tims

There is an urgent need to discern from many goods what will be best for building up the Church.

Sep 14

Recovering the Lost Art of Edification by Jared C. Wilson

The spirit of the age is all about biting and devouring. But you and I are different. Aren’t we?

Sep 14

Links For The Church (9/13) by Staff

This week’s links include resources on perfectionism, justice, beauty, controversy, scripture in scripture, and postpartum moms.

Sep 14

The True Meaning of Success by Scott Sauls

We simply cannot manufacture character in ourselves, no matter how hard we try. Love is not a to-do-list.

Sep 11

The Gospel is Big Enough for Your Church by Adam McClendon

The gospel is the best news the world has ever—or will ever—hear.