Blog Entries

Jan 22

Fill Your Veins with the Bible by David Prince

The leaves of Christ’s salvation in us will never wither because of the living water welling up inside.

Jan 20

Un-limiting Grace for the Chronically Ill by Margaret Bronson

We are called to draw near to people, to enter into their suffering, and help them draw near to God.

Jan 20

Are You Ready to Defend the Faith? by Jason K. Allen

The concern is not eloquence but the ability to rightly study, interpret, teach, and apply God’s Word.

Jan 18

Reevaluating Your Church’s Values by Jared C. Wilson

How should we communicate the values of faithfulness to our congregations and to a watching world?

Jan 18

Three Exhortations Against Hate From Martin Luther King Jr. by Will Standridge

It is easy to deem hate evil because it harms another person. Though, according to King, the worst part of hate is what it does to you.

Jan 18

Links For The Church (1/18) by

This week’s links include resources on comparison, praying for political leaders, ministry and developmental disabilities, the Apostles’ Creed, and male friendships.

Jan 14

Come, Behold by Jackson Greer

Our idols can take us farther than we ever want to go, and make us more miserable than we can ever perceive.

Jan 14

Spurgeon, Atonement, and Your Life in Christ by Aaron Lumpkin

Spurgeon knew that the power of the cross of Christ led the people of God to be on mission for God.

Jan 13

Will Democracy Survive in the United States? by J. Alan Branch

A democracy with a citizenry whose conscience is informed by Biblical categories offers the best chance for ensuring basic liberties and self-correcting abuses

Jan 13

He Leads for His Sake by Kole Farney

No matter what is happening, we can believe and confess that the Lord reigns by himself and for himself