Blog Entries

Oct 22

Genesis 1 and the Storyline of Scripture by Todd Chipman

The opening chapter of the Old Testament establishes a framework for understanding all of Scripture.

Oct 21

If We Are Faithless by Jim Elliff

God saves us eternally through our faith in the One who died for us and lives forever.

Oct 21

If Moses Had An Instagram Account by Katherine Pittman

Our hearts can then stay in their rightful place, as stewards of his eternal life, those entrusted with the most precious gift.

Oct 20

What “Able to Teach” Means and Doesn’t Mean by Sam Emadi

Remember, pastor, God requires clarity, not cleverness; doctrinal fidelity, not rhetorical flourish.

Oct 19

Submitting to the Story by Jared C. Wilson

Submitting to His story rather than trying to commandeer our own is the best way to find joy and true freedom.

Oct 19

Intellectual Disabilities and The Church by Allyson Todd

The church would look more like heaven if those with intellectual disabilities were fully integrated in the life and ministry of the church.

Oct 19

Links For The Church (10/19) by Staff

This week’s links include resources on imposter syndrome, quarreling, nostalgia, pride, and grieving false teachers.

Oct 15

Translating the Message to the Military by Josh Holler

To reach the sub-cultures of the military requires time spent in relationships with others, with Christ, and time in the Word.

Oct 14

The Guarantee of Holiness by Jim Elliff

The true believer is constituted differently and is therefore hungry for holiness.

Oct 14

Psalm One And The Ideal Bible Reader by David Bell

The person who is rejoicing and delighting in God’s way is planted right by the very nourishment that they need which means that this person will never run dry.