May 6

Visible Grace in Disagreements: Willingness to Confront vs. Eagerness for Controversy by Caleb Batchelor

Editor’s Note: This post is excerpted from Visible Grace: Seeing the Church the Way Jesus Does by Caleb Batchelor. The book is available now from 10Publishing. Paul wasn’t afraid to address sin. Just ask the Corinthians. But what first grabbed Paul’s attention when he thought about that rowdy, discriminatory congregation in Corinth? God’s visible grace (1 […]

Oct 17

How Great the Light That Casts the Shadow by Jared C. Wilson

Were it not for God, we would be falling from grace every waking second.

Apr 2

The Challenge of Contending by Aaron Armstrong

How do we contend for the faith and guard the gospel without being argumentative, judgmental, or cantakerous?