Feb 9

Episode 156: Gavin Ortlund on Why God Makes Sense by Gavin Ortlund and Jared C. Wilson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared talks with Dr. Gavin Ortlund about his new book “Why God Makes Sense in a World that Doesn’t” and about a fresh approach to apologetics that amplifies both the intellectual coherence of the gospel and its beauty. 

Jan 26

Episode 154: Ed Romine on Ministry Among the Latter Day Saints in Utah by Ed Romine and Jared C. Wilson

In this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson talks with Dr. Ed Romine about LDS (Mormon) theology and culture, and the mission of bringing nonChristian Utah the gospel of Jesus.

Oct 28

Why Apologetics Needs Missionaries by Loren Skinker

Only a humble, church-focused, Christ-centered missionary spirit can save apologetics.

Jun 7

The Existence of Love Means God is Real by Jared C. Wilson

There are many good and compelling arguments for the existence of God and the unique truth of Christianity, and one of them is this: nothing explains the powerful existence of love like the powerful existence of the triune God who in love sent the Son to die for sinners.

Jan 28

What Apostates Don’t Say by Erik Raymond

The road to apostasy is paved with indifference to the glory of Christ. 

Sep 25

The Place of Apologetics by Reid Monaghan

Apologetics and thoughtful witness effectively takes place where there is real and loving presence with others.

Feb 6

Has God Spoken? by John Mark Yeats

Series: 2018 Ready Conference

Dr. John Mark Yeats speaks on the truth of special revelation at the 2018 Ready Conference for students.

Mar 28

The Gospel’s Compelling Uniqueness by Jared C. Wilson

The safe Jesus of modern evangelicalism is not offensive, but neither is He very compelling.

Mar 28

Why Christianity is Different by Jared C. Wilson

Series: 2017 Ready Conference

Jared C. Wilson preaches on the uniqueness of Christianity at the 2017 Ready Conference at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and College.