College Ministry

May 20

The Indispensable Necessity of Doctrinally Rich Young Adult Ministry by Daniel Bouchoc and Zach Hollifield

I’ve worked within student ministry in some capacity for 12 years. If junior highers smell like body spray and if high schoolers can smell fear, then young adults (YAs) have a nose for inauthenticity. They see right through the smoke machine and lights. They quickly pick up on lack of depth. And they know on […]

Aug 24

A Prayer at the Dawn of a Theological School Year by Grace Sutton

O Lord, as light dawns on the first few days of the school year for seminary and bible college students, light our path as we journey through theological education.

Jul 19

D.A. Horton on the Importance of Reaching College Students by D.A. Horton

Why should ministries concern themselves with reaching college students?

Mar 11

3 Ways Campus Ministries Can Submit to the Local Church by Cole Shiflet

Far too often campus ministries effectively encourage and engage college students yet do not emphasize the importance of involvement in a local church community.

Feb 20

College Students and Church Membership by Dave Russell

Should college students join a local church by campus if they have a church membership “back home”?

Sep 16

4 Myths that Keep College Students from Joining a Church by Jim Davis

Do you want to faithfully follow Christ during your college years? Then join a church.

Mar 6

How to Make the Most of Your College Education by Matthew Emerson

The classroom environment for learning the content was invaluable, but without working it out in actual ministry it would have remained knowledge that merely puffs up.

Oct 9

Jeff Dodge on Why Churches Should Think More Intentionally About College Campuses by Jeff Dodge

Series: Conversations asks Jeff Dodge, Teaching Pastor at Cornerstone Church (Ames, Iowa), "Why should local churches be thinking more intentionally about college campuses?