Sep 15

Be Faithful and Come What May by K.V. Paxton

The church belongs to Him, and if we are following the calls in His Word, then we are being faithful.

May 26

Episode 119: Counsel for a Post-Covid Church by Jared C. Wilson and Ronni Kurtz

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ronni Kurtz offer some words of advice for ministers leading churches into the post-pandemic season.

Mar 8

Zoom Calls And Exposed Identity by Anne Kerhoulas

Though exposure is uncomfortable, it forces us to develop an integrated view of ourselves – the view that God already has of us.

Feb 3

I Long to See You: A Pastoral Plea for Valuing In-Person Gatherings by Cameron Triggs

If we are streaming merely for the sake of comfort, convenience, and compromise of convictions then we have sold our brothers and sisters in Christ short.

Jan 8

Remembering God’s Faithfulness in the Face of a Detour by Dave Harvey

Do you trust God’s faithfulness to deliver again in the midst of your daily detours?

Nov 11

COVID-19, Cooperation, and Church Leadership: Seven Questions for Church Leaders by Jeff Mingee

Perhaps we would do well to focus on the one next step that God is calling us to take as a leader.

Nov 11

If the Birds Seem Enviable: Encouragements and a Prayer for Recent Graduates by Josiah Cox

Sometimes we must humble ourselves to receive a stale truth because it is the substance that will sustain us another day.

Sep 2

Our Appetite for Presence by Julian Stock

How can the word of God give to us a no-touch, six-feet-apart, mask-donning, embodying love that doesn’t feel all too…embodied?

Aug 12

Please Come Back to Church, Pt. 2 – An Open Letter to Christians by Samuel G. Parkison

You who are tempted to stay home out of convenience, I urge you to repent and come back to church.

Aug 5

Please Come Back to Church, Pt. 1 – An Open Letter to Pastors by Samuel G. Parkison

Your services may not feel meaningful. But regardless of what they feel like, they are.