Dec 15

Loving Even the Cantankerous by Jim Elliff

First of all, love is the highest mark of maturity. Therefore, not loving the other members of the church is a sign of our immaturity.

Sep 20

The Book of Love by Jared C. Wilson

Every love song is a gleam of beauty falling on a jungle of imbecility. The gleams tell us there is a brighter light out there, a glory more glorious than even the glory of earthly loves. There is a story that makes sense of all the stories, even the terrible ones.

Dec 2

The Healthiest Ordering of Our Loves by Scott Sauls

When the love of Jesus captivates us, our hearts will naturally, and quite effortlessly, love him first and to love him most.

Sep 14

The True Meaning of Success by Scott Sauls

We simply cannot manufacture character in ourselves, no matter how hard we try. Love is not a to-do-list.

Aug 19

What Do You Mean You Love God? by Taylor Combs

God has been a means to the end of forgiveness.

Nov 4

God Loves You, Deal With It! by Sam Parkison

His standards are the robes of Christ’s righteousness—they literally cannot be higher. 

Sep 12

Love is Love, Except When It is Not by Jason Alligood

Love that is true love is wrapped in objective truth.

Apr 8

Love Actuarially by Jared C. Wilson

Christian, the Lord knows you are not an asset to the organization. 

Apr 7

Who Is God, Anyway? by Kristin Spann

We understand that loving doesn’t always mean doing what others want, but doing what serves them best. 

Aug 8

For The Love Of The Church by Skylar Spradlin

Sacrifice is the first act of true love for the church because this is how Christ loved the church.