Jul 21

Elicia Horton on Longevity in Marriage by Elicia Horton

What is a key ingredient for longevity in marriage?

Jun 24

Jani Ortlund on Longevity in Marriage by Jani Ortlund

What is a key ingredient for longevity in marriage?

Apr 4

When “I” Becomes “We” by Allyson Howell (Todd)

I pray whatever God is calling you to abandon for His sake, whatever desires you hold to tightly, whatever wants or preferences He asks you to change, you can offer them up to your trustworthy Father today.

Mar 21

Is Physical Abuse Biblical Grounds for Divorce? by Jared C. Wilson

It seems every week brings into the spotlight yet another church that has failed to carefully handle cases of abuse. This article is my careful attempt at answering a very common and sensitive question.

Dec 8

Five Ways to Balance Ministry and Marriage by Paul L. Davis

For those who are in full-time ministry, spousal expectations must be addressed explicitly before resentment sinks in.

Nov 18

God Loves Your Desire for Marriage by Kaden Classen

So when you come to God asking for a spouse for the sixth time this week, God does not lecture you on how to steward your singleness well. He does not pause to listen only after reminding you how content you ought to be. He hears your prayers.

Jan 8

Dean Inserra On Healthy Marriages In Busy Seasons by Dean Inserra

Series: Conversations

How do you cultivate a healthy marriage in the midst of a busy ministry?

Oct 12

Trillia Newbell on Disappointment in Marriage by Trillia Newbell

Series: Conversations

What advice do you have for the wife who is disappointed with her husband?

Jul 1

What Does ‘Unequally Yoked’ Mean in 2 Corinthians 6? by Ronni Kurtz

Opinions proliferate about what it means to be unequally yoked. Does it pertain to marrying or dating non-believers? Is Paul thinking of business partnerships?

May 28

Michael Kelley on Marriage and Discipleship by Michael Kelley

Series: Conversations

Why is marriage such a vital crucible for discipleship?