Aug 4

The Innovation Dilemma in the Church by Ted Esler

The largest potential missionary force lays outside the US and Canada; it is ripe for partnership and in need of funding.

Jun 22

William Carey: Keeping the Grand End in View by Jason G. Duesing

The barometer of faithfulness in Christian ministry is judged not by what one may bring as an individual to the work of the kingdom, but rather what one contributes as a servant in the churches of the kingdom, whether known or in obscurity.

Apr 9

Our Clay Pot Ministry Credential by David Prince

The triumphant march of the gospel around the globe cannot be explained by man, it can only be explained by God and his awesome, gracious, supernatural power.

Feb 19

JT English on Living ‘Sent’ by J.T. English

Series: Conversations

How can the average Christian remember that he or she is to live “sent?”

Jan 11

Money: The Most Complicated Part of Missions by David Paul

If a church is not self-funding, it is also not self-governing, nor is it self-theologizing.

Aug 28

Why Risk Is Still Right by Alex Kocman

Our risk-aversion is a major reason why we do not send more overseas missionaries

Aug 13

Andrew Fuller and the Genesis of Modern Missions by C. J. Moore

Fuller is proof that one can both believe in God’s sovereignty and God’s call to live missionally.

Jul 14

Missionaries Need to Know What a Church Is: A Lesson from Adoniram Judson by Geoff Chang

The goal of missions is not merely individual conversions. Rather, it’s to see indigenous, gospel-preaching churches planted.

Mar 11

Missionary, Please Don’t Dread Support Raising by Michelle Dein

The Holy Spirit creates the desire in hearts and helps believers respond to God’s generosity and grace with offerings back to Him.

Oct 23

10 Ways to Identify and Develop Missionaries from Your Student Ministry by Erik Odegard

While missions is more than evangelism, it is never less than that.