Feb 10

Paul Chitwood on Local Churches Supporting Missionaries by Paul Chitwood

FTC.co asks Paul Chitwood, current President of the International Mission Board, “Outside of praying and giving financially, is there anything else local churches can do to support missionaries?” 

Sep 28

Zion’s Cultural Heritage by Lydia Schaible

During my college years I traveled extensively, as a result I experienced a variety of cultures. The hospitality of Egypt, with cups full of Maghrebi, mint tea heavily laden with sugar; or the extended Italian meals that feature aperitivo, first and second Piatti, followed by a strong digestivo. I danced with Malawians at the celebration […]

Aug 18

3 Bewares for Returning Short-Term Summer Missionaries by Sam Bierig

God doesn’t only care for those overseas, after all, for there is no such thing as “overseas” to Him. All seas, souls, and lands are His, and He cares greatly for all peoples.

Mar 31

Embracing Cross-Cultural Incompetence by Virgil Williams

I have some bad news about your dreams of being an effective disciple-maker among the least-reached. The bad news is this: The messenger is the message, so you won’t be an effective translator of the gospel in a new culture until you translate yourself. And that process is painful. Here’s what I mean. Many people […]

Jan 18

Paul Chitwood on Helpful Questions to Ask Someone Desiring to Go Overseas by Paul Chitwood

Series: Conversations

FTC.co asks Paul Chitwood, president of the International Mission Board, “What are some helpful questions to ask if someone is sensing a call to go overseas?”

Jan 11

Taking the Gospel to the World’s Hard Places by Allyson Howell (Todd)

Every obedient believer knows what it is to ask, ‘Can anything good come from this?’ The path to the throne room of Jesus is stained with blood, smells like sweat, and tastes like tears.

Dec 30

Global Missions and the Treason of Conversion by Paul L. Davis

Unbelievers will not leave behind families, religions, or political allegiances for generic theism, nor for a merely human Jesus who teaches new moral maxims and little else. We must allow our theology of conversion to inform our missiology.

Dec 21

A Loving Touch, a Transformed Heart by Christy Allen

Godly touch is safe and selfless. It intends to give rather than take. It gives unconditional love, value, and comfort. It is transformative and healing.

Dec 16

How Theology Drives Missions by Zane Pratt

The relationship between theology and mission goes two ways. Just as good missiology must be rooted in theology, good theology must produce missions.

Dec 9

Calling Out the Called: Joining the Work of International Missions by Paul Chitwood

We all have a part of the mission. You can be a light in the darkness.