Mar 1

So It Is With Grace by Blake Long

Sanctification, like the growing of trees and plants—as Owen puts it—takes time. It’s slow, boring, and not easily seen.

Jun 22

To Wait is Good; To Worship is Better by Anna Stewart

The tension that exists in waiting exists by God’s design as our Creator.

Dec 20

Expect Hope by Allyson Howell (Todd)

Hope came at an ugly price – the God-man slain for heinous crimes He did not commit. 

Sep 18

The Long Way Is Not The Wrong Way by Michael Kelley

There’s a funny thing that happens when God takes you on the long way – you actually become something, rather than just end up somewhere.

Apr 4

God Loves Us Enough to Disappoint Us by Zach Barnhart

The very worst thing God could do for us is give us the life we want in our flesh.