Jul 23

Prayer and the Ministry of the Word by H.B. Charles Jr.

We should do our best to prepare ourselves to lead the saints in corporate prayer.

Jun 23

Faith-Sized Requests by Jim Elliff

We know what God can do, but what will you believe He will do?

Apr 7

Episode 112: Kyle Strobel on Prayer Becoming Real by Jared C. Wilson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson talks with Dr. Kyle Strobel, a theologian at Biola University, about honest prayer.

Mar 11

Your Helper in Prayer: Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit by Jenny-lyn de Klerk

Prayer is for your own benefit and comfort—it’s an “outlet for grief” and a “lotion” to “bathe our wound in.”

Jan 11

The Weakness of Prayer Makes Strong Christians by Jared C. Wilson

Prayer is expressed helplessness. It is a verbalized acknowledgment of our own lack of power, of our own weakness. And it is in our weakness that God’s power is perfected.

Mar 18

What Does It Mean To “Pray For All People?” by Jim Davis

Paul is asking us to push the boundaries of our hearts when we pray.

Feb 26

When I Don’t Like God’s Answer by Allyson Todd

I deceived myself and thought I had the right to question God, to turn my back and scoff at Him, the Creator of everything.

Jun 24

The Bible in Miniature by Sam Parkison

This may come as news to you, and if so, I am sorry that it has taken this long for someone to tell you, but you are not the center of the universe.

Apr 25

The Doctrine of God and the Content of Our Prayers by Mike Brooks

Who is God? What is he like? How do we come to know him? To whom are we speaking when we go to God in prayer?​


Apr 11

He Requested Not to Die by Charles Spurgeon

We are not to expect that God will give us everything we choose to ask for. We know that we sometimes ask, and do not receive, because we ask amiss.