Nov 26

Living By the Book by H.B. Charles Jr.

The word of God is sufficient for every season of life. This glorious theme is established in the opening stanza of Psalm 119, which teaches three aspects of living by the book.

May 20

Perspicuity and the Pastor by Jesse Randolph

Scripture ought to shape, influence, and profit the pastor as he commits himself to prayer and the ministry of God’s perspicuous Word.

Oct 30

On Memorizing Scripture by H.B. Charles Jr.

Scripture memorization does not come easy for most of us. But don’t be too quick to blame it on a poor memory. Scripture memorization is spiritual warfare.

Oct 29

Scripture’s Clarity: A New Testament Defense by Brandon Freeman

God’s word is understandable. It is expected to be trusted in, defended, proclaimed, and nourishing to those to read it in faith.

Oct 22

Genesis 1 and the Storyline of Scripture by Todd Chipman

The opening chapter of the Old Testament establishes a framework for understanding all of Scripture.

Oct 8

Scripture’s Clarity: An Old Testament Defense by Brandon Freeman

Scripture is understandable, near, and obeyable.

Apr 9

Mercy Will Come by David McLemore

When your sin puts you in the depths of despair, and you have no way out on your own, there is a God above who rules and reigns and forgives and saves.

Mar 27

Biblical Principles for Ethnic Harmony by H.B. Charles Jr.

Racism refuses to acknowledge the equality and dignity or your neighbor, much less love them as you love yourself. 

Feb 11

Trevin Wax on What Keeps Many Christians From Studying The Bible by

Series: Conversations asks Trevin Wax, Bible and Reference Publisher at Lifeway Christian Resources, "What keeps so many Christians from regularly studying the Bible?"

Dec 12

Reading Scripture Rightly by Jim Elliff

I let the original intent of the passage sting me, move me, drive me to what I need to be.