Feb 7

Episode 249: Leading with Brokenness by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson and Ross Ferguson discuss the ins and outs of ministry brokenness. AW Tozer once said, “Before God blesses a man greatly, he must hurt him deeply.” Is that true? How does such thinking play out in terms of leading with transparency, honesty, and confession? What does it look like for ministers to lead with, from, and even *to* brokenness?

Jan 17

Episode 246: What Happened to the Gospel-Centered Movement? by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

Is the gospel-centered movement dead? Are the young Reformed these days restless? What happened to gospel-centrality and why does it matter? Jared Wilson and Ross Ferguson discuss these questions and more on this week’s episode of the FTC Podcast.

Oct 11

Episode 232: Spiritual Warfare by Jared C. Wilson and Ross Ferguson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared and Ross discuss the biblical portrait of spiritual warfare and what it means for the everyday Christian life. Plus: a BIG announcement!

Apr 14

Don Whitney on the Gospel in Spiritual Disciplines by Don Whitney

FTC.co asks Dr. Don Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, “How is the gospel connected to the daily effort in the spiritual disciplines?” 

Mar 27

Midlife, Christ Is by Jared C. Wilson

By God’s grace, I don’t feel the need to buy a sports car or to make a career change or to blow up my marriage. But I do think a lot about the distant past and the quickly approaching future. And I don’t know how anybody handles these things without walking with Jesus.

Jun 16

The Holy Spirit and Human Flourishing by Drake Burrows

As human beings, we are most fully embodied and in our proper place when we are in-dwelt by the Holy Spirit. Thus, there is no path toward true and lasting human flourishing apart from God’s indwelling Spirit.

Mar 14

How Do I Know I’m Really Repentant? by Jared C. Wilson

Paul tells Timothy to “keep a close watch on yourself (1 Timothy 4:16), so a grace-driven examination of our own souls is not out of spiritual bounds. How, then, would we know if we are truly repentant?

Jan 14

Don Whitney on Misconceptions about Spiritual Disciplines by Don Whitney

What are some misconceptions people have about the spiritual disciplines?

Oct 12

How Does the Church Respond to Worldly Spirituality? by Jared C. Wilson

The United States desperately needs churches re-committed to the weird, counter-cultural supernaturality of biblical Christianity.

Sep 27

Don’t Be a Do-Gooder: Pastoral Reflections on Goodness by Aaron Menikoff

For your works to be truly good, your heart has to be full of goodness.