May 6

Jason Duesing on Adverbs in Theological Writing by Jason G. Duesing

In this video, FTC.co talked with Dr. Jason Duesing on the role of adverbs in theological writing. 

Jul 8

Jared Wilson on Advice for New Writers by Jared C. Wilson

Series: Conversations

FTC.co asks Jared C. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Spurgeon College and Author in Residence at MBTS, "What advice would you give to new writers?"

Feb 22

Why I’m Mostly Quoting Dead Guys These Days by Jared C. Wilson

Here are three reasons I’m more and more intentionally looking back in my preaching and writing rather than around.

Feb 12

Barnabas Piper on Becoming a Better Writer by

FTC.co asks Barnabas Piper, Director of Community at Immanuel Church in Nashville, TN: "What is a surprising way to become a better writer?"

Jan 6

A Call for Content Creators to Cultivate Discernment by Benjamin Vrbicek

A relationship with the local church and submission to her leaders will help set a Christian blogger’s sights on building up God’s people.

Nov 24

Michael Kelley on Pastors Who Write by Michael Kelley

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing pastors who write ought to remember?

Aug 30

The Tales of Our Time: An Examination of Storytelling in Christianity by Jada Ford

A Christian writer should develop his or her craft so that a story is created so beautifully that it rivals the hopeless fiction that runs in abundance today.