Adam Kareus

Adam Kareus is the lead pastor at River Valley Community Church in Fort Smith, AR. He graduated from Denver Seminar in 2009 with his M.Div. Adam is married to Kacee, and they have two kids, Titus and Jillian.

Jan 24

Cultivating Faith Like a Child by Adam Kareus

“I’m getting a new friend tomorrow!” This was the announcement my 5-year-old daughter had for me when I picked her up from kindergarten. She was absolutely sure she would have a new friend coming. This was kind of mystifying for me, for while I am aware that little kids make friends with an ease that […]

Dec 22

Faith Lifts Our Eyes Up by Adam Kareus

I watched my brother die.  He was one of the strongest men I knew in my life and there he was struggling to take his last breaths. A brain tumor discovered six weeks earlier was now completing its fatal work. In a small hospital room, my brother passed away surrounded by our parents, his wife, […]

Jul 12

Don’t Play With Sin by Adam Kareus

Don’t set yourself up to play with something that will grow to something that can kill and maim you.

Jun 19

March to the Different Beat by Adam Kareus

Both beats in our ears make promises, promises of fulfillment and of satisfaction. But only one has the power to keep and deliver on its promises. 

Jun 3

Dependency and the Power of God by Adam Kareus

We should be so dependent on God that our first ingrained action should be to pray to Him when times get tough or even when we start a new day. 

May 29

Filling The Void by Adam Kareus

We walk around incomplete or empty, longing to once again be complete in God.

May 13

Overthinking by Adam Kareus

When we overthink our faith we tend to have some really bad thoughts and go places God never said to go with those thoughts.

May 1

The Disconnect by Adam Kareus

The disconnect happens when we forget who we are in Christ and choose to live in our old ways of self-reliance, self-determination, and self-rule.

Apr 15

I Used To Be by Adam Kareus

We long for the whitewashed memories to be a present reality.

Mar 25

Life is Improv by Adam Kareus

We are living in a society that is becoming more isolated from each other.