Caleb Brasher

Caleb Brasher received his MDiv from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is married to Lia and has two kids: Jack and Millie. Caleb is also one of the pastors at The Grove Church outside of Orlando.

Aug 26

How Hamilton Can Help Us Preach Better Sermons by Caleb Brasher

Preacher, take some extra time and work to compress your sermons.

Jan 3

Jesus, the First Missionary by Caleb Brasher

For most of us, "missions" isn’t at the forefront of Christmas considerations. Perhaps it should be.

Oct 8

I Am ‘Ashley Madison’ by Caleb Brasher

We are always about ten feet from the edge of that moral failure cliff.

Jun 3

The Power of Music by Caleb Brasher

So when you sing on Sunday, make sure you are raising your hands and heart because of the words that you are singing and not simply because of the emotions that you are feeling.