Daniel Darling

Daniel Darling is the director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a columnist for World Magazine and the author of several books.

May 23

Cynicism Isn’t a Spiritual Gift by Daniel Darling

One of my favorite verses in the New Testament is a bit of an odd one. James, writing about prayer and dependence on God, makes this statement: Elijah was a man like us (James 5:17). Now, I’ve gone to church my whole life and have learned a lot about Elijah. He’s the wild wilderness dude […]

Apr 5

Episode 205: Daniel Darling on The Characters of Easter by Daniel Darling and Jared C. Wilson

On this special Easter week episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson interviews author and professor Daniel Darling about the message of Easter as seen through the various witnesses to Christ’s resurrection.

Aug 27

Dan Darling on Parachurch Ministries by Daniel Darling

Series: Conversations

How should a church decide which, if any, parachurch ministries to support?

Apr 9

Dan Darling On False Jesuses by Daniel Darling

Series: Conversations

What are some of America’s favorite false Jesuses?

Mar 22

On Easter, Forget the Noise and Preach the Resurrection by Daniel Darling

Ministers of the gospel should especially be pitied if we don’t, down to our very bones, believe the resurrection to be true.

Feb 13

Dan Darling on the Future Generation of Pastors by Daniel Darling

Series: Conversations

What is the one thing you think the future generation of pastors ought to know?

Nov 3

Dan Darling on the Difference Between Civility and Cowardice by Daniel Darling

FTC.co asks Dan Darling, Vice President for Communications at the ERLC, "What's the difference between civility and cowardice?"

Oct 6

Dan Darling on Why We Need a Dignity Revolution by Daniel Darling

Series: Conversations

FTC.co asks Dan Darling, Vice President of Communications at the ERLC, "Why do we need a 'dignity revolution?'"​

Aug 14

Dan Darling on the True Jesus by Daniel Darling

How would a Christian know if the Jesus he or she worships is the true Jesus?