Daniel Ross

Daniel Ross is a disciple of Jesus, Shannon’s husband, and Isabella and Gabrielle’s dad, as well as the Executive Minister of Operations and Jasper Campus worship Minister at Redemption Christian Church in southern Indiana. He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in journalism.

Sep 29

Making Beauty From Train Wrecks by Daniel Ross

Despite all the technical foibles, stuttering tongues, and holiday weekend lethargy, something powerful happened.

Sep 2

Rethinking the Worship Team by Daniel Ross

Ultimately, glorifying God through our songs should be our highest priority.

Mar 20

Scripture in Songwriting by Daniel Ross

Writing music for your people is a challenge – it is a heavy responsibility to put words and thoughts about God into people’s hearts and minds.

Mar 2

Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery by Daniel Ross

A few reflections on a modern-day hymn.

Feb 8

Song Requests and Gospel Rest by Daniel Ross

Ultimately, God’s glory in your selections should be more important than making someone happy

Aug 26

Trust God For How Long? by Daniel Ross

Unfortunately, we live in the very present world and waiting is hard. Joining David,
we cry out with the familiar refrain of ‘how long?’

Aug 24

Your Church’s Music is a Language by Daniel Ross

Paul meets them where they are. The music in your church has the same effect.

May 6

I Don’t Believe in God; I Believe in Music by Daniel Ross

Music is great, but it makes a pretty lousy savior.