Worship the Creator, Not the Created

by Daniel Ross November 17, 2015

Everyone is a worshiper. We all have people or things that we love, sacrifice for, and are our number one affection. The main question each person should answer is this: Do you worship created things or the Creator? We will look at the many idols that we are completely oblivious to, and show that every problem in life is, at its core, a worship problem.

Today is Thanksgiving. Many — if not most — of us, will sit around a table with family and/or friends and celebrate with food. Many, if not most, of us, will eat far too much. Is eating an act of worship? Phil. 3:19, the apostle Paul writes, “Their (enemies of the cross of Christ) destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is on earthly things.” My wife and I have often watched a show about cupcakes. Cupcakes! It was on a channel devoted to nothing but food. Do you think we worship our stomachs in this culture? Just a bit. Is food bad? Absolutely not. It was given to us by God to be enjoyed. Can it be worshiped as an idol? Absolutely.

Worship the Creator, not the created.

Thanksgiving Day and Sundays mean football in America. Are sports your god? Imagine a person far removed from our culture was dropped into nearby Indianapolis on game day. Would the person not think that our stadiums were modern-day temples where the faithful went to worship, raise their hands and make a joyful noise in honor of The Defense, The Offense and the Holy Luck (though maybe not this year)? Are football and other sports evil? Absolutely not. Can they be worshiped as an idol? You bet. In days gone by, the false god Baal was worshiped. We, too often, are guilty of just changing a few letters around and worshiping the functional savior “Ball.”

Worship the Creator, not the created.

The list could go on and on. Sex, relationships, families, work and leisure. Are any of these things bad? No. They were created by God for our joy and His glory. However, functional saviors will always fail you in the end. Always. One hundred percent of the time. Do you have a (insert your problem here) problem? I would submit to you that you do not. You, instead, have a worship problem.

Worship the Creator, not the created.

The only true Savior worthy of worship is Jesus. He is the God-man who stepped out of heaven, walked and lived as one of us and was without sin. He died as a sacrifice so that you and I could be made right before God.

Can anything else make you right before God? Can food? Can money? Can your kids? Can a spouse? Can alcohol or drugs? The list is endless …

Worship the Creator, not the created.

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