Garrett Kell

Garrett Kell, a Regular Contributor to For The Church, is the Lead Pastor of Del Ray Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia. He is married to Carrie and together they have four children: Eden, Haddon, Phoebe, and Graham.

Oct 27

Episode 141: Garrett Kell on Pure in Heart by Garrett Kell and Jared C. Wilson

On this episode of the FTC Podcast, Jared Wilson and pastor Garrett Kell discuss a gospel-centered approach to overcoming the sin of pornography.

Apr 1

Pastors, Train Future Pastors by Garrett Kell

Pastor training isn’t just another item on our to-do-list; in one sense, it’s central to our task.

May 17

Pastors, Spend Time with Non-Pastors by Garrett Kell

Being around the flock helps them see what our message looks like in real life.

Feb 7

Photobombing Jesus by Garrett Kell

A simple, but profound truth: Jesus came to save glory thieves from themselves.

Jul 7

He’s a Good Father, Even in Our Suffering by Garrett Kell

Few things are as isolating as pain. When we suffer, we feel like no one can really understand what we are experiencing. Yet, no matter how alone we feel, we are never ultimately alone. Our heavenly Father is there.

May 12

Should I Tell My Spouse about Struggles with Sexual Purity? by Garrett Kell

Regardless of where you land on the spectrum, it is important for husbands and wives to develop a plan to help each other fight sexual temptation.

Apr 25

Love is a Risk Worth Taking by Garrett Kell

“I saw everyone staring at him, but I couldn’t just watch him struggling like that. I was afraid he might hit me, but I thought it would be better for me to risk being hurt than for me to just let him hurt alone.”

Apr 5

Followed By The God of Grace by Garrett Kell

It was early in my junior year at Virginia Tech—and I felt like everywhere I turned, God was following me around . . .

Feb 29

A Sample Statement on Regular Church Attendance by Garrett Kell

One church's example statement to help their community think biblically about regular church attendance.

Oct 29

7 Reasons Not To Skip Church by Garrett Kell

Faithful church attendance does not earn salvation, nor does it act as a measure to rate spiritual greatness over and against other people. It does, however, reflect a growing commitment to the gospel, the good of the church community, and spiritual health.