Geoff Chang

Geoff Chang serves as Assistant Professor of Church History and Historical Theology and the Curator of the Spurgeon Library at Midwestern Seminary. He is a member of Wornall Road Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO.

Feb 18

Small Beginnings: C. H. Spurgeon at Waterbeach by Geoff Chang

For so many young pastors, the early years of pastoral ministry can prove to be daunting. Yet, these highlights from Spurgeon’s first pastorate provide a guide for areas to prioritize in these early years.

Jan 19

Geoff Chang on Why Church Members Should Read Church History by Geoff Chang asks Geoff Chang, curator of the Spurgeon Library and assistant professor of Historical Theology at Midwestern Seminary, “Why should local church members regularly read or think about church history?”

Jul 14

Missionaries Need to Know What a Church Is: A Lesson from Adoniram Judson by Geoff Chang

The goal of missions is not merely individual conversions. Rather, it’s to see indigenous, gospel-preaching churches planted.