Grace Pike

Grace Pike holds a Masters of Divinity from Midwestern Seminary where she serves as Social Media Coordinator. She holds a BA in Religion from Samford University in Birmingham, AL. Grace is a member of Cross Fellowship Church and is passionate about the gospel going forth to all nations.

Dec 24

Beginnings and Endings by Grace Pike

Humanity is fascinated with the idea of time manipulation because, try as we might, we cannot control it. We rarely have awareness of when chapters of our lives are about to begin and end, let alone understanding of “what God has done from the beginning to the end.” But I am confident in this: our tension with time reveals our deeper yearning for redemption.

Nov 18

A Reflection on Kindness from Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See by Grace Pike

Series: The Lord and Literature

True strength is not found in the gritting of teeth or clenching of fists, but in the willingness to lay down at the foot of the cross and trust God as we choose the course of kindness.

Sep 22

No Greater Can Be Thought by Grace Pike

A poem reflection on God’s attributes.

Aug 25

Dear Discouraged Sister in Ministry by Grace Pike

Though your heart and flesh faint under the weight of brokenness and sin, the Lord does not fail to hold onto you.

Jul 21

When Nightmares Become Reality by Grace Pike

What does someone who loves God do when face-to-face with the nightmarish realities of life now?

May 19

Magnifying God in Music: A Lesson from the Life of Spurgeon by Grace Pike

From the rustling of falling leaves, to the dripping of the rain, to the whistling of the wind, to the silence of the mountains—all things gladly extol the King who commanded them.

Mar 31

A Life Poured Out by Grace Pike

We can rest assured that our obedience does not go unseen by God.

Feb 24

Spring Is Coming by Grace Pike

In his kindness, God designed the natural world to help us learn about himself in light of his Word.

Jan 27

The Hope of Holiness by Grace Pike

The only hope of all human beings is the undeserved love of God, who alone can rescue and restore them to Himself.

Dec 23

The Days Before Christmas: A Prayer of Lament by Grace Pike

This prayer of lament surfaced from shared sorrows, but I pray it reorients your heart to praise.